Whether you are a small or large organization, Gentomi can help with your Information Technology needs.

Gentomi can implement custom applications for the web, desktop, and mobile platforms. Gentomi can also provide software as a service, permitting you to focus on your business while we take responsibility for the software and hardware.

Gentomi can help streamline your IT infrastucture and reduce IT expense. We can be a valuable resource for your IT needs. Give us a call today. (765) 237 9438


A Gentomi can develop applications for you in many mediums. We have extensive experience with designing and implementing Web Applications, as well as Desktop Applications and Mobile Applications. We can host applications on your hardware, or host them on external hardware backed by a service level agreement with 99.9% uptime.

Gentomi can write applications that leverage cloud services, such as Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, and Twilio telephony applications. We can provide services like shopping cart integration for your website, online mapping applications, and high availability web services. Gentomi brings a high level expertise in database design, unix systems, J2EE applications, Servlet/JSP, and Java programming skills.


IT Support Icons Gentomi can provide IT support for your organization at a number of levels. We can manage IT projects, from inception to implementation. We can assist in data migration processes, and offer years of experience in software design and architecture. Gentomi also performs offsite data backups, preserving mission critical data in the event of total disaster. You can also simply outsource IT functions to Gentomi, letting us be completely responsible for the software and hardware while you stay focused on your business.

Gentomi can help your business utilize Google Apps by offering expertise and support. In fact, Gentomi has now applied to become an official Google Apps Authorized Reseller. See why switching to Google Apps (for email alone!) could be a good move for your business. Gentomi can deliver complete email solutions for $50/person/year, with spam eliminated, a 25GB inbox per person, and a 99.9% uptime, all backed by Google's infrastructure and service level agreement. This is an incredible bargin for the power you get.